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A Future Without Monitors

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An End to End VR Experience

In order to simplify your VR experience, our packages include everything you need to begin working in VR: A high end VR laptop, a state of the art VR headset, and the best software on the market.

Experience Beautiful Workspaces

Teleport yourself at will to productive environments.

Enjoy Focused Productivity

Jump into environments that are free of distractions and clutter.

Use Your Keyboard & Mouse

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An All In One Solution for Working in Virtual Reality

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VR Work Experiences [Not MangoVRPC Reviews]

we have delivered more code in the 4 months in VR than we have been able to do in 12 months. 

Alexander Danilenko CTO @ Toptal

you can work “wherever” you want. Outer space? Check. A cabin in the woods? Sure. An office with a top view? You got it, bud.

Fernando Tarnogol psychologist and Founder of PsyTech LLC

Virtual reality will never replace reality, but can provide us with experiences that are otherwise impossible or hard to attain.

Darshan Shankar Founder of Bigscreen

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